Sunday 28 March 2010


I've not done very much on the Pug recently.  However I picked it up again earlier this evening to get started on the brake gear.  This is very cleverly designed as a one piece unit that can be removeable.

To start it, I made up the brakeshoes and put them ready to be fitted to the crossbars.  Here's a picture of all four of them prepared.  The next step would be to mount the wheels to set the shoes to the correct position.

Unfortunately, after I'd mounted the wheels on the axles in the chassis, I went to pick up the brakeshoes (centre of picture) and found only three of them :-(((

I suspect that whilst fitting the wheels, I caught one of them with a sleeve and flicked it into the far corner of the room!  I've spent twenty minutes on my knees on the floor grubbing around and not found it.

So out with the nickel silver scrap and the piercing saw when I next start on this again. Sigh...

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  1. Hello Flymo,

    Now why does this sound familiar?! This always happens to me, especially when trying to put chairs on rail. I remember reading something by Iain Rice once (I think it was him) that if a loco kit builder eventually located all the bits that fly off into the darkest and hairiest places in the work room, he or she would be able to build a very odd looking 0-2-0 tank/express loco/wagon thing, with three different chimneys and a cab at each end! Your Pug, by the way, is looking very good.

    All the best