Tuesday 17 January 2012

Some progress...

A little at least...  It's been a busy Christmas and with lots of other things going on I've had precious little time for modelling.  That which I have squeezed in has been with the careful use of a paintbrush.  

Here are a few snaps.  Please excuse the yellowish tone, as that is due to the artificial light - a permanent problem at this time of year, when all daylight hours are spent at work.

Hopefully more progress soon...


  1. Looking good. For what it's worth, the cab splasher sides and ends on the Y14 were painted tan colour too.

    One little query - why does the cab floor slope up towards the cab front?

    1. Thanks for the advice on the cab colour scheme. Those cab slashers will be getting a repaint the next time that I am wielding a paintbrush near the Y14...

      The answer to the cab floor question is simple - that's how the kit was designed :-/

      Rather than start hacking it around as this was my first Alan Gibson kit, I decided to go with it and make judicious use of a crew and some coal to hide the worst of the excesses. It may need a lot of this!