Sunday 19 February 2012

Choices, choices...

Only a couple of weeks to go now until the Missenden Spring Modelling Weekend.  I don't know if anyone else is being tempted to put in a last minute appearance, to join the four Scalefour Society members that I know will be there.

The problem now for me is to choose what kit to take along to spend 48 hours of unadulterated modelling pleasure building.  Over the last two years at Missenden I've started on my Y14, and my GER tram engine - both of which are in the final stages of the paintshop.  So I had a good rummage in my box of kits to see what was there...

And the short-list is currently comprised of:

Alan Gibson GER F4/5 2-4-2T.  It's an etched brass kit,  it's a known quantity, and I enjoy putting AG kits together.

Alan Gibson GWR 517 class 0-4-2T.  This is mostly white metal, with etched chassis and other brass bits.  The second P4 loco that I ever built was one of these some twenty five years ago, when the previous incarnation of it was the M&L Kits version.  

High Level Kits GER Y5 0-4-0T.  Etched nickel silver, and the kit just oozes quality.  I love HLK kits - the question is whether I fancy doing another tiny locomotive so soon after the Pug...

I'm not going to take all three along.  At the moment, the current hot picks are the 517 and the Y5.  One for nostalgia and one for the sheer class of the kit.  I'll pack the relevant research books - I've got Russell's "Great Western Engines" by my elbow at the moment - and make a decision when I get there!

How does that sound?


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