Saturday 2 March 2013

Another round...

Part of the silence over the last couple of weeks has been working out exactly what I've done to my Beer & Buckjumpers thread over on the Scalefour Society Forum. When I last came to make an update, it wouldn't allow me to post any pictures as illustrations.

Thanks to some digging around by WebmasterRob, it appears that I've hit the limit in size of a single thread.

So over there I decided to reset the clock and get started again with Another Round. If you have a look over there, you'll see that it has started up in the On My Workbench ("OMWB") section. In the meantime, over here the modelling continues at Beer & BuckjumpersAnd there is quite a bit of modelling to catch up on, so I'm looking forward to it.


Beware of Trains - occasional modelling in progress!

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