Sunday 21 December 2014


I can be so stupid at times.  Particularly first thing in the morning before having sufficient coffee...

Important lesson #237.

When doing a batch build of Sprat & Winkle couplings to fasten to a set of five LNWR wagons, pay very careful attention to the tubes in your box of Araldite.

Because if you are careful, you won't accidentally mix the five-minute resin with the 24 hour *resin*.  If I'd managed to mix the wrong resin with the wrong hardener, it wouldn't be as bad as this.  I'm sure that something would have stuck.  As it was, having left them like this upside down all day to set...

...then it wouldn't be the case that when I picked the first one up and turned it the right way up, the coupling fell off in a sticky mess!

Oh well, back to the mixing spoon and the workbench.

Happy Christmas!


  1. If the wagon floors are plastic, bend the wires in to a U shape and push them through with a soldering iron. When you take the heat away, they are perfectly fixed in place.

  2. Thanks Phil. See the next post...