Friday 23 March 2012

Soldering again...

For the first time since Missenden, I have the chance to do some modelling :-)

This is how the body of my "Coffeepot" was left at the end of the weekend:

Although it looks like a nasty accident has befallen the cab, it is actually supposed to be that way.  Chris has designed a very clever way of accurately building the kit that uses a sub-frame over which a wrapper for the cab front, roof and rear is put into place.

It all locates using slots and tabs, and the only tricky bit is bending the curves at the front and rear of the roof.  Even this gets a good tip from Chris - he suggests using a very feint scribed line on the outside of the bend so that the curve is made in the correct place - and he even etches reference marks on the fret to make sure that you get them in the right place...

So this is where I'll be starting from.  Hopefully more pictures to show progress tomorrow!


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