Sunday 1 September 2013

Another addition to the toolbox...

Whilst I remember! This has been a most invaluable tool to use today:

It's a small (8cm in length) LED torch. We picked up a couple of these in a pound shop in Douglas on the Isle of Man during this year's TT. In case we needed to find our way back from the pub...

Earlier today, I was trying to re-thread the CSB wires through the appropriate mounts and bearings in the middle of the Y14 chassis with not much success. Future note to self - don't put a frame spacer directly above a hornblock as you won't be able to see the tiny hole in the bearing when you've put the wheels in place.

As all modellers know, good light is the key to accuracy and quality work. Despite it being daylight, and having two spotlights mounted on my workbench, I just couldn't see what the end of the CSB wire was doing. Then I remembered this torch in my desk drawer.

By putting the chassis upside down in its cradle, I could hold the torch in one hand and using tweezers in the other, I guided the wire through its hole first time. After the previous frustrations, that was a result!

Not expensive, easy to obtain, and well worth it for those tricky jobs. I recommend to the audienceit as a crafty tool to have available ...

So I must remember this dodge for the next time that I need it. Or design my chassis a little better. Ho hum...


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