Monday 16 September 2013

Model Railway Journal 225

The front cover of this issue of MRJ has now been landing on the doormats of subscribers and the shelves of newsagents for around a week now.

I'm feeling very quietly pleased with it, as I am the Guest Editor :-)
I was asked to put a copy together around six months ago, and had a very enjoyable time deciding what to include, and then discussing the articles with the various authors.  There was a certain thrill as the material started to arrive, and I could start putting together the issue.
I hope that the final result is a magazine that inspires with the quality of the modelling within it, yet shows that it is all very practical and achievable by any modeller that has a degree of patience and care.  I won't use the phrases "Average Modeller" or "Achievable Excellence" as I believe that they are already taken elsewhere!
Finally, my deep thanks to all of those friends that accepted my invitation to contribute to MRJ 225.  There was only one article that missed the copy deadline that I set, and that was the one that I wrote myself.  Typical!


  1. I've not read it yet (I'm saving that for when I go on holiday in a week) but I have to say its nice to see the return of No.1 Shop. It would be nice if it were a regular feature again.

  2. Must say that I agree with Paul B about the return of No.1 Shop. I always looked forward to that particular feature and seeing as I have recently bought one of the Scalefour societies lever frames it couldn't have been timed better.

    I'm also trying my hardest to save mine for a forthcoming holiday.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments on No.1 Shop. It was a specific thing that I wanted to include from first planning the issue, based on how inspirational the first examples, penned by Iain Rice, were at showing how finescale could be achievable. If my scribblings are a tenth as useful as his, I'll be pleased.

    I've spoken with Paul Karau since 225 came out, and he's receptive to No.1 Shop appearing again, if the material is there for it...

  4. I finally picked up this issue and really enjoyed the emphasis on practical building tips. Thanks. Take that as another vote in favour of the return of No 1 Shop.

  5. Thanks James :-)

    I spoke with Paul Karau again at Scaleforum, and informed him of how well the return of No.1 Shop had been returned. I'm with you that I'd like to see it appear in the magazine in the future...