Monday 30 June 2014

A Scandanavian viewpoint

I normally dislike people that spend time doing little more than posting links to spurious "news" articles online and YouTube clips of kittens in cardboard tubes.  But in this case I chanced across something railway orientated that I felt merited sharing, particularly if you have an interest in continental prototypes.

Reading the Financial Times each day, there is actually a surprising variety of articles on different subjects.  One that caught my eye was a story of how an airline is showing a video of a train journey to lull passengers to sleep.

Link to FT article

As it's shot from the driver's cab, it makes really good viewing to see the railway infrastructure and some spectacular scenery.  The video appears to be available in full, but split down into manageable chunks for download, on YouTube. 

Link to YouTube

Finally, once I re-read the article title, it did click with me that this was the perfect headline for a journey to a Biscuit Factory ;-)


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