Wednesday 25 June 2014

Must Do Better!

Where has the time gone?

I've been up to lots of bits and pieces over the last few months, but very few of them have made it onto this blog...  As I mentioned earlier in the year, I'm making a determined effort to finish off a number of projects that I started in parallel.

The Coffee Pot is one, and the last post, back in May, covered the finishing of the "out of Shops" modelling of this.  The next step is to complete the weathering of it, and put it to one side as Finally Finished.

It was an absolute pleasure to see Paul Tasker of Prickley Pear (discussion on the Scalefour Forum here) who apart from his lovely range of esoteric kits, also had with him his own Coffee Pot and we could compare the models side by side.  His is truly lovely, and makes me realise that I need to make mine look much more careworn.  So that is a challenge.

Also I've been quietly beavering away in the background on the 5522 Models range.  

I acquired the artwork, masters and instructions over a year ago now.  At that point in time, I was cash-rich, time-poor.  Since then, a period of unemployment and a new (and very enjoyable) job means that I've changed relatively to being cash-poor(er) and time-rich(er).  So I've been doing bits and pieces.

This morning I was cutting sprues at 5.45am on a new mould that I've made for castings.

More on castings at a future date...

Anyway, I'll be trying harder to keep up to date!

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