Friday 1 February 2013

Missenden choices...

Well, that's my choices sent off to Missenden for the Spring Weekend.  These were the available options:

  • 4mm Locomotive Kit construction (2 classes)       
  • 7mm Modelling
  • Painting and Lining
  • Trackwork
  • Baseboards, Scenery and Buildings
  • Weathering

First choice is Weathering, and second choice is Loco Building.  I could have chosen to go and start on yet another loco kit.  However I fancied something different and will be trying to make a dent into repairing and finishing these:


The aim is not just to wind up Tim Shackleton (the course tutor, but to bring these back to running condition, and the standard of finish of the last couple of wagons that I have shown.

Hope to see some of you there!