Sunday 10 October 2010

Forming some thoughts...

Having decided that I'm doing a quick small layout, inspired by Horsley Bank at Scaleforum, I am putting some ideas together.  Following the "Beer & Buckjumpers" theme, then it will be of part of a maltings/brewery complex.  I've yet to draw up the full trackplan on Templot, but a list of desirable features to include (in no particular order) is:

- wagon turntable into a building, a la Snape Maltings
- GER branch line on embankment in background as part of backdrop
- wharf, with interlaced track for loading
- engine shed triangle, as at Bass Brewery, Burton
- possible Spitalfields style coaling stage
- coal unloading area for brewery
- bay window over a loading bay (I have a particular picture in mind)
- models of my former neighbour's house which was a maltster's house, and my old house (part of a maltings) if there is space.

And I need to fit all of that in 4' by 2'...

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