Sunday 27 November 2011

Lesson for today...

Retro-fitting tie-bars (or stretcher bars to give them the proper name) is *never* easy when you've already laid the track, and ballasted up to a height that interferes with fitting them under the rail.

Oh, and as you tidy up the soldering on the first one, the joint breaks.

Argh!  Enough is enough, for tonight...


  1. Hmmmm... I've been thinking about fitting dummy tie bars to the points that I've installed on my test track. Not sure now to do it without affecting the soldered joints so I've backed off for now. Take you point about attempting it before I lay ballast though....

  2. The secret is in using different temperature solders. I regularly use 179 and 145 when I know that I'm going to be soldering something in close proximity. And remembering to turn the temperature of your soldering iron down as well, so the heat doesn't spread as quickly.

    This is entirely down to my own rubbish soldering though. I simply should have thought this through before gluing the turnouts down!