Wednesday 27 November 2013

Colouring the Coffee Pot

Have also recently had the opportunity to take the progress on the little GER Coffee Pot forward a step or two.  After the test assembly, related a post or two ago, it was time to set up the spray booth and put some colour on.

As I don't have a permanent workshop or working area, other than my modelling bureau, this has to wait until the house is clear and I can drag out compressors, airbrushes, spray booths, and all the other assorted paraphernalia of spraying models. 

The little tank engine was first broken back down into its constituent parts.  This shows just how many of them there are:

And of course many of them are quite small enough to be blown to the back of the spray booth by the airbrush if you aren't very careful!

However the loco body has a nice heavy weight to it, which helps keep it in position.  Wherever possible, I mount items to be sprayed in a way so that I don't just spray from the top or side, but can spray from below as well without touching or moving the model.  This takes place on an improvised mount that I rigged up from an offcut of timber and a few pieces of stiff wire cut from an old coathanger.  There are a varied of holes and a variety of length wires, so I can usually find a secure way of positioning the model.

The discolouration of the model is due to the use of some Carrs Surface Conditioner to prepare it for painting.  This was followed by a good wash in running water, and a careful blast with the hairdryer to remove any traces of damp.

The first coat to be applied was Comet Models etch primer, after which it was left to harden off in an airtight box for a few days...


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