Monday 16 December 2013


Just for James, as he commented on model railways, Mr Sod and his Law...

This is the result of the third attempt at putting a lamp-iron (or rather socket, in LNWR style) on the front of the smokebox.

At least I managed not to make anything else fall off whilst putting this on.



  1. Thank you for the mention!

    Perhaps perversly, successes like this which follow the 'frustrating' incidents often give far more satisfaction!

  2. I was wondering if, as a big GER fan, you have any idea if any of Geoff Pember's wonderful models are on display anywhere publicly. I met him once at an exhibition and was honoured to speak to him for some time about his techniques.

  3. I'm afraid that I have no idea of the current location of Geoff's models. I know of him by reputation through the GERS, but have never seen his work in real life.