Wednesday 2 July 2014

Another sunny morning...

The lovely thing at this time of year is that it's bright and sunny in the morning.  That means that with a bit of enthusiasm, I can sit down at 6am in the morning for a quick 15 minutes on modelling before having to make myself ready for work and leave the house.

This morning it was weathering.  The dirty grimy stuff, rather than the bright sunny stuff outside.

In the foreground is my Coffeepot, which has started to lose its "fresh from the shops" sheen courtesy of some black washes to knock back the brightness.

In the background is a whitemetal kit of a Highland Railway open wagon, which has had parts of the floor repainted.  Last night I replaced parts of it, as preparation for re-mounting Sprat & Winkle couplings on it.  

The former mountings were horrible and inaccurate, with twisted wire melted into lumps of plasticard.  All of that was removed, and the floor suffered as a result.  So I "let in" some new planks, and I have a natty little etch for a coupling mount that I designed last year to be part of the 5522 Models range.  This is another opportunity to test the design out to make sure that it works as I intended.

Given the long days, I hope to have some more painting done tonight...

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