Sunday 7 December 2014

Dileberate vandalism

That's what I felt like after adding an etched brass brake lever to this Ratio kit.

Not because it was difficult to make - in fact, nothing could have been simpler.  But the act of replacing the plastic version that had been provided in the kit, and had at some point lost the handle at the end showed me just how easy it was to do, and what an improvement in looks it gave.

That's why I'm musing whether a little "accident" shouldn't befall the currently intact one that is still on the other side of the wagon...

Probably not this time, but I do know that in all new builds of LNWR wagons, I'll be using these etched brass replacements.  It's a component from 51L, by the way, and well worth the pennies to keep a few in stock.  

Later tonight I may have chance to give it a little self-etch primer and later in the week a waft of colour and weathering...


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