Sunday 15 November 2015

A finished hut...

After one hour and thirty one minutes of modelling, the platelayers' hut is finished.

The time wasn't recorded as a challenge, but simply a reflection to myself of being able to finish things in a reasonable time. My Y14 locomotive is approaching four years since I started it, and although there is only the lining and finishing to do, I still can't motivate myself to end the job...

Anyway, superglue was used throughout, I didn't glue my fingers together at any point, and nothing fell off when it was washed under the tap with Shiny Sinks.

So the next thing is to make a small base to place it on. I was inspired to do this little scene by this cropped section from picture in the Windwood Collection of the Great Eastern Railway Society:

GERJ 105 cover - PW hut.jpg

Unfortunately I'm not going to hit my target of finishing it by Friday night as work has taken me out and away from modelling for three nights this week.  Hmm... I have just cut this too fine!  It does give me the opportunity to make a proper job of the diorama base though :-)



  1. That does look like an excellent kit, thanks for demonstrating it. I rather like the signal box too, I wonder what prototype it is.

    The scene you're planning to build looks delightful, I look forward to seeing that done.

  2. Thanks Mikkel. Time is up against me, so I'm going to abandon the deadline of next weekend, and make sure that I do a proper job of making up a small diorama. There's always next year...

  3. A very nice job you have made of this and it will look fantastic painted. Looking forward to the next episode :-)