Sunday 11 April 2010

And then there were two

Brakehangers that is.

This was the brakehanger that remained, and I wished to copy.  The scrap nickel silver is a OO spacer from the kit, so the correct thickness and also surplus to requirements.

I used my Resistance Soldering Unit to attach the hanger to the scrap.  Using a RSU was ideal for this, as I could "spot weld" the parts together and no risk the completed brakehanger de-laminating or otherwise losing parts. 

I then took a piercing saw and fretted around the outline of the master and whilst they were still soldered together used the holes for the brake rodding to drill through into the new part to get them properly aligned.  When this was done, I carefully slid a scalpel blade between the old and new components and gently heating them with a conventional iron split them apart.

All that I had to do after that was to drill a small hole in the centre for the piece of wire to represent the brakeshoe  retaining pin, and solder in a small piece of wire.  Unfortunately at this point a no.78 drill was lost in action, but we all get casualties from time to time.

A spot of cleaning up with a file and these are the finished articles.  The re-manufactured one is at the front.  Not quite as neat as the original etching, but the day has been saved :-)

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