Thursday 15 April 2010

In the raw

I thought that I would make a final post of the chassis construction for the Pug.  The reason for doing so is that this is the last time that it will be seen in this state of raw metal.

The next instructions ar "break the chassis down into its sub-assemblies [done, as you can see] and paint it".  So I lose all of that lovely shiny nickel silver, and start to gain something that looks like a proper locomotive :-)

In case you were wondering about the slightly mangled looking brake gear, it isn't broken or mis-assembled.  Chris at High Level has used a very ingenious design to make the entire brake gear removable from the completed chassis.

There are "carrying tubes" that run through the chassis frames, and through each of these passes a loose wire.  From this the soldered up brake rigging hangs.  The fact that it is soldered means that it all stays in alignment with the wheels as a single unit.  The seemingly misaligned wire at the far left is actually just one of the loose mounting wires that I hadn't tucked properly back in place.  You are even told to put a slight curve in the length of the mounting wires to ensure that friction holds them in place.

I've yet to see the instructions for final mounting of the brake gear, but I may well put a small blob of black paint on the ends of them to fix them securely, yet in a manner that can be easily detached, for extra security.

In the meantime, it will be off with the wheels, a final clean in the ultrasonic bath, and into the paintshop...

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