Sunday 15 August 2010

J15 build - Mystery Parts

In the background, behind my exploits with the High Level Pug, I've been building an Alan Gibson kit of a J15, or more accurately a Great Eastern Y14, as it will be in condition suitable for circa 1908.

I'm now at the detailing stage of the body, and I've found on the fret these mystery parts - four times part #42 :

They look like washout covers for the boiler.  However there is no mention of a part #42 anywhere in the instructions, nor do they show on the exploded diagram, which is intended to cover the parts not mentioned in the text.

Fortunately, it seems like they were a not an original GER feature, so I can safely ignore them.  I can't see them evident on any of the period photos that I have from the GERS Journal.  But does anyone know if my assumptions are correct?



  1. Yes, they are supposed to (crudely) represent the washout plugs which were a feature on the firebox from c1932. Which loco are you building? There are plenty of detail traps between batches for the unwary.

  2. Hi Adrian,

    The *exact* identity hasn't been settled on, but I know which batch of five for this one - the 1899 set of passenger Y14s No.s 640-644. I went through much deliberation of GERJ #36 before settling on the specification. The notes are comprehensive (at a broad level) but merit much use of a highlighter pen to focus on what is needed.

    The article by Lyn Brooks in the Journal also has a picture of 642, although roughly 15 years later than I would wish to model it. This one has to be a Blue Y14 and then the next one will be a black goods engine, at the same date but hopefully of a different batch and specification.

  3. The only photo I have to hand of another member of that batch in your period is 643. In as-built condition it has tapered 4-bolt buffers.

    I know that there are nine photos of locos 641-3 in the Ken Nunn collection, all in the period 1909-1915.