Monday 27 September 2010

Scaleforum inspiration

All has been quiet from me recently, as a house move at the end of August meant that modelling equipment had to be boxed up, and time found for more important things (like rebuilding drains, and fixing lights).  There was also the run-up to Scaleforum, which meant  Society matters took my attention as well.

However, with a very successful weekend at Leatherhead behind us (I'm sure that there are many that will tell the story better than I can) I have both more time and much inspiration as well.  Inspired by Horsley Bank, I feel a minimum space "box" layout coming on :-)

Finally, it was great to spend time talking to folk over the weekend that I only normally "know" over the web.  Too many to name individually, thank you all for taking the time to say hello, and I'm sorry that I may have been interrupted to answer questions about catering and suchlike.  If you have a namebadge on, at times you're a target ;-)

See you all next time!

1 comment:

  1. With the pressures and commitments you must have had during the show I appreciated the time you took to say hello and discuss projects. It was great meeting you at last. Thank you