Monday 27 December 2010

A couple of glitches

Just when it was all going so well...  Actually, the two glitches that I've hit that will disrupt progress for a little while are not the fault of the Alan Gibson kit.  It's solely due to the way that I'm building it using CSB suspension, and the learning points involved in that.  Again, no fault of the theory or practice of CSBs, just that they need alternative approaches.

The first glitch arose last night when I started putting together a High Level RoadRunner+ gearbox to use in the Y14.  I picked up a couple of these at Scaleforum, knowing that they are lovely quality items.  However, when i got it part-built, I tried it between the frames and...

The gearbox is too wide to go between the axleboxes.  I've already thinned as much as I dare from the back without losing the High Level beam-fixing tags, but there is still a lot to lose before it will go.  So I've put the chassis to one side, and will phone in an order for a couple of SlimLiner+ gearboxes after the New Year.

I may also get chance to pick up one of the High Level mounting point jigs for CSBs at the same time.  They were so popular at Scaleforum that Chris had sold out before I could get to his stand.

With progress on the loco stalled, I thought that I would have a crack at the tender.  This should be pretty straightforward, and again would have CSB springing all round.  I have more High Level 2mm axleboxes and hornblocks in stock, so the first thing that I did was get them out for mounting in the (inner) tender chassis frames.

The Alan Gibson frames come pre-milled with cutouts for the standard AG hornblocks for springing.  Unfortunately, these holes are actually larger than the entire High Level hornblock, including the mounting plate.  

So I'll have to make up some frame sides of my own, and go from there.  Not enormously difficult, but a little tedious with a piercing saw.  So that's for another day.  In the meantime, I'm going to knock up something quick and easy...


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