Wednesday 22 December 2010

I think that's it...

After watching Jezzer, James and Stuart on the seasonal Top Gear, I returned to the workbench last night to do some more on the Y14.  I must have got in the metaphorical steam of things, as it was 23.58 when I soldered the last lamp iron into place, and dunked  the body into the ultrasonic bath.

And I think that this is it.  I believe that I've got in place every detail from locomotive no. 643 that I could identify on the photographs in place.  I used a picture of 642 for the port-side, and even between apparently sister engines in the class, I noticed one difference, in the number of handrail knobs on the side of the smokebox.  There is a lot of GER standardisation, but very little consistency!

So here are some pictures of it.  The blotchy colours of the metalwork are due to the use of Acidip then neutralising Rinse to clean off the flux and oxides.  It isn't actually that bad in real life...

Comments and criticisms are all very welcome.  I know that the whistle is absent from the side of the safety valve, as that is polished brass and won't be fitted until after painting.  Also, I know of two very small errors in the style of the components fitted, when compared to the prototype photos.  However I'll keep those to myself unless someone spots them - they really are very, very minor.



  1. Looks great! Wish my soldering skills were that good. Look forward to seeing it with wheels and paint.

  2. Hi Matt,

    The soldering skills are nothing more than a bit of patience, selection of the right "tool" (i.e. type of solder) and where necessary a bit of cleaning up afterwards.

    Yes, I have an RSU that helps, but most of the time I forget to use it :-/ And you can't use it on whitemetal anyway.

    So yes, I'm sure that you'll be able to do the same...