Monday 24 January 2011

Beware the Russan!

If this was a James Bond script, you'd think that there was a missing "i" in there somewhere...

But in actual fact, it is nothing more than a reference to the amiable proprietor of Eileen's Emporium, Derek Russan.  Now Eileen's has become the "one-stop" for me for tools, materials and general bits and bobs.  However going to see Derek has its dangers...

I was glad that he was at the St Albans show, as I needed the pin-chuck adapter that had been suggested by Terry Bendall for my pillar drill, and a couple of packets of 14BA brass countersunk bolts for a small project that I'll be able to finish now.  A few quid's worth, and nothing more.

So how on earth did I wind up walking out with a new airbrush compressor? 

Well, it's down to Derek's superb salesmanship, a demonstration of how much quieter his new compressors are than my existing 15 year old "thumper", and a very tempting price :-)

So thank you Derek, it looks like a superb piece of kit, and I'm very much looking forward to trying it in anger.


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