Thursday 27 January 2011

Rail Express - February 2011

I'm not in the habit of giving random plugs to magazines just because they have a P4 layout in them, or a model built to 18.83 standards. However I'm going to break that rule in the case of February's edition of Rail Express, which hit the bookstalls last week.

In the Modelling section in the middle of the magazine, you'll find an article by Society members Terry and Simon Bendall. This is the first instalment in a new 24 part series dedicated to showing the building of a small layout in P4. It's based on BR Southern Region, third rail prototypes, but the basic principles are equally applicable to many locations and periods.

The series will take you from the initial concept, through building the track, to the surroundings and the rolling stock that is needed and will get you started. This is categorically a practical layout that could be built at home, and by the "average P4 modeller".

So even if you are not a D&E modeller, you may well find that this is a very interesting project. Indeed, you may feel that at the steady pace of one episode per month, you may want to build your new layout alongside Terry and Simon...

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  1. I'll look out for that magazine on the shelves tomorrow, when I hope to be collecting MRJ 204. Sounds an interesting article that I could learn a lot from..... Thanks for the posting...