Wednesday 27 April 2011

It's a bit bright!

But nothing that a bit of weathering won't tone down.  

As this Pug is now transformed for industrial use, then I don't need to slavishly follow a prototype livery.  Which is some respects is a shame, as I was quite looking forward to seeing it in L&Y black with red lining.  However I do have a second High Level chassis kit in the drawer, and a spare body, so I can always do that in the future...

This is the base coat - a Humbrol medium red - sprayed on over the black original livery.  I took it carefully to build up the colour in thin layers without runs or other blemishes.

You see what I mean about bright!  The masking will cover off most of the motion and wheels so that I don't have to clean them off to a great extent.

The next tasks will be the footplate/chimney/etc in black, and then on with the black panels around the red, and finally into some very fine orange lines, complete with reversed corners.  There's nothing like a challenge!


  1. It's coming on well, Flymo. I always think engines, whether prototype or scale, look odd without their cab. "Pug" seems a very fitting name for it in this state of undress :-)

  2. Apparently the name was a reference to the way that the prototype "waddled" down the track when it was running, due to the combination of outside cylinders and a very short wheelbase. Thankfully mine doesn't quite move like that!