Monday 11 April 2011

Scalefour North

What an absolutely superb show!  I was so pleased to have made it, after dropping my better half off at Mallory Park for a spot of sidecar racing...  Certainly the best selection of layouts that I've seen at Scalefour North.  Every one of them interesting, and in a different way.

My personal favourite was Horselunges, because it's exactly the sort of rural shunting puzzle that I'll build myself one day!  In close seconds were Lee on Solent and Longcarse West, both of which I can stand and watch for hours. 

I hope to see all three of these again in the near future - Gordon Ashton mentioned that Horselunges was invited to appear at the Pendon show soon, and I encourage everyone to go a see it.

The trade support was excellent as well.  I don't think that there was a single moment when there wasn't a crowd around the Hogh Level Kits stand, but at least Chris hadn't run out of his new "spacesaver" bearings by the time that I reached him :-)

My only regret was that because my diary was so crowded I didn't get the opportunity to make a weekend of it :-(

Maybe next year...

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