Friday 18 January 2013

Lining out...

A few days delay in posting this...  Between Christmas and New Year, we actually had decent enough weather for me to try lining out my tram locomotive.

This was done using my new Bob Moore lining pen, which I acquired at Scaleforum in September.  I've never really succeeded  with a traditional bow pen, so on the recommendation of my Area Group I decided to give this a try. 

The first attempts to produce lining on a panel of transfer paper to then place on the model were singularly unsuccessful:

However I decided that there was nothing to lose from trying, and went on to lining directly onto the model:

And this was the arrangement that I used.  The idea for the painting cradle came from an article in MRJ.  I recall that it is how Alan Brackenborough paints his models.  After the vermillion lining was in place, I used a brush to go around the outside of the panel with black, which also helped tidy up the slightly uneven patches:

There's been a bit more done since then, so hopefully I'll have another instalment for you soon...


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