Saturday 26 January 2013

Love me tender... we would say in the Black Country.

Aren't they easy to put together?  This is the result of an hour or so of work.  Compared to fiddling about with tiny, tiny components on 0-4-0 locomotives, this is the equivalent of moving to 7mm.  Big pieces of metal!

It's not all plain sailing though.

Compared to the warm, luxurious, verbosity of a set of High Level Kits instructions, the ones that you get in a Gibson kit are somewhat sparse :-/   Still, there's nothing too complex about this, so referring to the exploded diagram is pretty much all you need.

However there are atill one or two "gotchas" in the kit.  I've just soldered the first outside frame to the tender dragbeam.  The slot in which it located is drawn (the kit isn't badly etched at all, so this is clearly how it was drawn) so wide that you have the choice of soldering to the left or the right side of it, and leaving a space on the other side.

I clearly guessed incorrectly - the answer should be the "inside" of the slot - as when I placed the frame against the tender body it put the dragbeam out of line outside the body on the other side by around a millimetre.  I could have takenit all apart and resoldered it.  However a gentle push into place and a bit of tack solder (visible in the first picture) will hold all in line as I construct the rest of the underframe.

"Bodgers 'r' Us", as they also say in the Black Country!


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