Saturday 8 September 2012


When I acquired the Ulpha Light Railway, I was fortunate that it wasn't just the baseboards, it included the whole supporting package - trestles, sub-baseboards, lighting rig, etc.  Until now, apart for a quick test assembly after I brought the layout home, I've done nothing with them apart from move them from place to place around motorbikes in the garage.

However as today's weather was so lovely, I had the opportunity (after painting half of the front garden's fence) to get started on renovating them.

Just as with most things on the layout, the underpinnings are a little "tired".  I've dismantled the trestle legs and scrapped all of the rather rusty fastening bolts.  Nice new stainless ones will be their replacements.

And to get rid of the wear and tear, each leg lower was cleaned by sanding it down on all sides, and drilling out the adjustment holes to a constant size to match the new bolts.  If I get chance tomorrow, they'll get a coat of paint.

And the sub-baseboards that sit on top of the trestles and form the foundation for the proper baseboards were a little flexible under load, so they have now had a good "glue and screw" to make them more rigid.

Unfortunately by the second one, I had run out of g-clamps, so it is currently resting under an assortment of cans from the garage!

If the weather holds tomorrow, and I get the time, I can start painting them.  Now this feels like making progress!


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