Saturday 1 September 2012

Chequebook modelling...

That's a phrase that I dislike.  

Personally, the whole reason that I do railway modelling is to create something.  The enjoyment is in the making, and not the purchasing (although a look at my stock of unmade kits may suggest otherwise).

However when I look back and realise that the last entry on this blog was four months ago, I realised that (1) I needed to find more free time to pick up a soldering iron or paintbrush, and (2) that the only modelling that I had done in that time was of the chequebook variety.

Waving a debit card at the RailWells show in August saw me come back home with one of these:

I have read many of the pros and cons of the ZTC 511 controller.  In particular, both Tim Venton and Gordon Ashton spent much time actually showing me the way that it is used, and I thank both of them enormously.

Finally, it came down to feel.  This is a tactile system to use.  It gets me away from the computer style of interface that I have to deal with all day.  To me, it looks "right".

So the next steps will be to get one of my locomotives that is under construction "chipped up" and see what it can do...  Oh and find some more time for Real Modelling!


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