Monday 17 September 2012

Making progress... 3 of 5

Whilst I had my weathering paints out (or rather the Citadel washes) I made a start on the ex-L&Y Pug that will be an industrial engine.  

I did the cab area, in the first stage of an exercise to tone down the colours to match the weathered state of the brick red livery that I have in a photo of a similar saddle tank from the 1960s.

The first picture shows it with the cab off, and the firebox and back of the boiler made suitably grubby.  This was by using black washes to sink into the textures of the castings and leave the highlights just a little duller.

The second picture shows the challenge that I will have when I finally bring the body and cab together.  Because this is an RTR model, the cab simply clips into place.  That means that there is quite a wide join that I will have to fill and disguise.  I'm thinking that creeping decrepitude means that the vertical sheet meeting the footplate will probably be quite rusty and grimy.

However the join is less obvious when viewed from the side.

It's got some way to go, but I feel that it is starting to look the part...


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